Glass Garden Mirror Gates

Our garden mirror gates are the perfect garden accessory. They are mirrors that create the illusion of a wrought iron gate.

This enchanting garden mirror, which acts like a fake gate, allows you to enlarge, rejuvenate and brighten your garden. Effective in the day or in the night, it reflects sunshine as well as house or garden lights. The garden mirror gate gives the impression of being able to walk into a secret garden.

Our unique garden mirrors are made of real glass which unlike acrylic will not scratch or distort. The reflection is clear and convincing. They have a silver foil backing which is both a safety feature and helps to protect them from premature weathering. They come with hooks on the back so can easily be attached to an existing wall or fence and can even cover an unsightly existing gate.

Bespoke designs and sizes can be made.

Looking Glass Gates - Garden Mirrors